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    When you want to make your house feel more like home, nothing says “warmth” like wall to wall carpeting. At Village Barn Carpets & Rugs in Imlay City, we carry a huge selection of the top names in carpeting, including Mohawk, Shaw, and Karastan. These are quality, American made carpets, with a huge variety of colors, styles and patterns to help you create a customized look.

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    Whatever your style, we have your flooring needs covered, with luxuriously soft Smart Strand carpeting that feels like you are walking on the clouds, yet is durable and stainproof for even the most active families!

    Take a look at the huge variety of carpeting options from our big three carpeting manufacturers by visiting the store, or take a peek now by clicking on the following links!

    Karastan Carpeting Options

    Shaw Carpeting Options

    Mohawk Flooring Options

  • Have you been longing for new carpeting, but have a puppy or cat with bladder control issues? We carry several brands of pet friendly carpeting that will make clean up a breeze! With these new carpeting options, there are no more stains and odors trapped in your carpet and padding.

    Sound too good to be true? Well, these manufacturers stand behind their claims. They provide 10-25 year warranties against pet soil, and they can do that because the newer carpets don’t just have stain protection sprayed on top of the roll, its in the fibers themselves! Imagine cleaning up a pet stain with just a plain white cloth. Nothing soaked in, no nasty chemicals needed to get the smell out. It never soaks in, so you simply clean up the solids, blot the moisture out, and if necessary, use a wet cloth to erase the rest.

    Come see us in the store, and we can give you lots of pet friendly flooring options.

  • Yes, you can! Smartstrand by Karastan  will give you the ultimate in easy cleaning and  permanent stain resistance. Imagine cleaning up your worst kid messes…muddy footprints across the floor, spilled Kool-Aid in the family room, science projects gone awry…no more scrubbing required. No special cleaners. Just a clean white cloth to absorb the liquid, and a clean damp cloth to wipe away even the worst spills you can imagine!

    Something so magical seems too good to be true, but it is true! Simple cleanup makes Smartstrand the #1 consumer choice for easy cleaning carpeting. Its also extremely soft, environmentally friendly, and luxuriously beautiful. Better yet, its ON SALE NOW at Village Barn Carpets & Rugs in Imlay City!


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